Wastewater Treatment Plants

     Wastewater treatment plants are designed to create an optimal environment for microbes to grow and degrade the organic material contained in the wastewater. While most domestic wastewater treatment systems were designed primarily to treat household waste, commercial and industrial contributors have strained their treatment capacities. ENVIRONOC® 301 can reduce levels of "garden variety" organics present in most domestic sewage while also handling more difficult intruders. More efficient metabolism can result in increased removal of BOD and TSS while at the same time reducing sludge volume. It can reduce grease, odor and corrosion problems in the collection system lift stations leading to the treatment plant.

     Large industrial wastewater treatment systems don't have a regular supply of microbes coming in with the wastewater as do the domestic plants and many of the compounds treated in these systems can be difficult for most microbes to degrade. Variations in food source due to changes in product runs can lead to upsets in the plant. Inoulation with ENVIRONOC® 101 or ENVIRONOC® 201 can be beneficial in these systems to degrade many of these more difficult compounds and could help smooth the peaks and valleys of operation while adjusting to variations in the food source.

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